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The advanced spinal surgical technique developed by Wooridul Hospital is bloodless and minimally invasive to save normal disc tissue.
Short term admission, small incision, minimal scars, and reduced complications, this is what we are doing for patients

Step-by-Step spine treatment considering patient conditions

We do not think surgery is always the best way to treat patients, so we consider the patient conditions first, and then provide step-by-step treatments for saving normal disc tissue and other adjacent structures.

1st STEP Conservative Treatment
2nd STEP Percutaneous Endoscopic Disc Treatment
3rd STEP Open Microsurgical Decompression and Dynamic Solt Stabilization
- Toe and neck paralysis
4th STEP Partial Disc Nucleus Replacement
- Server and long-lasting pain caused by acute disc rupture
5th STEP Total Disc Replacement
- Impossible to keep working with more than 6 months chronic pain
6th STEP Minimally Invasive Bloodless Spinal Fusion
- In case that excretion is difficult, It is needed to go to more than 2nd  step through accurate overhaul and diagnosis which makes 90% possibility to return to normal routine.
7th STEP Standard Open Fusion

Advantages of Percutaneous Endoscopic Surgery

Under the local anesthesia, the elderly patients or even the diabetes patients could tolerable the procedure.

Cosmetic effects since it is minimally invasive spinal surgery.

It preserves vertebrae and normal nucleus pulposus and removes only the lesional site so that there is no risk of evoking the neural adhesion.

Bloodless surgery, no transfusion is required.

It saves the time and the costs. 75% of the patients discharged on the same.

Due to rapid recovery, comparing to open surgeries, it is recommendable for the workers or students with the desire of early return-to-work.

The 5th Digital Spine Operation

Using advance high-tech digital equipments such as MRI, CT, O-arm, C-arm, Navigation system with Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS), which will enables us in preserving normal tissue, easily differentiating regions. It will automatically increasing success rate of procedures, providing safety and accuracy of the treatment.

Benefits of the 5th Digital Spine Operations

  • Bloodless spinal surgery
  • Less damage/ preservation of normal structures
  • Early discharge and rapid recovery to normal activities
  • Maximizing success rate of procedures
  • Minimizing revision and complication case

CT-GUIDED Procedures : Pecutaneous Endoscope
Lumbar/Thoracic/Cervical Discectomy, Facet Screw Fixation,
Percutaneous Vertebra Plasty, Spinal Nerve Block
X-MR X-MR guided Procedures
3D C-arm 3D C-arm guided Procedures
O-arm O-arm guided Surgery Robotic Laparoscopic ALIF
Image guided Navigation Surgery Image guided Navigation Surgery